Audio Kiosk system is both audio player and audio books store. This user-friendly application is served both for paid and free distribution of your audio content that can be supplemented with text and illustrations.

Affordable even for small companies, Audio Kiosk complex consist of iOS application and server part gives you to quick add a large number of audio recordings.







Audio Kiosk complex consists of two parts:

iOS application that user downloads for free from the App Store


The server part, which stores audio recordings (equipped with user-friendly administration panel that allows you to manage the content).

Each audiobook can be supplemented not only with annotation and cover that the user will see in the kiosk, but also with the full text of the audio as well as a set of illustrations (in the media player app is built-in text reader and gallery).


System cost

The license price for Audio Kiosk app, via which you can distribute

an unlimited number of audio books, is $4900.


The price includes services for setting us your server, possible improvements of the interface (based on the materials provided), assistance in the registration of your iOS developer account, assembly and download of the Kiosk app to the App Store, consultation on content preparation and admin panel operation.







Your actions after purchasing the license on the system

Start with preparing graphics elements of interface (landing screen, icons and so on) according to our technical requirements. Interface design can be prepared by our specialist for an additional fee (depending on work scope and complexity it will cost from $200 to $1000).


Register your developer account in the App Store (it will cost $100).


We configure your server and upload test content.


When interface graphics is ready, we assemble iOS app kiosk and test it.


You check the system operation on your mobile devices.


You start uploading audiobooks to the server.



Цена лицензии на одно приложение: 2.900$


We upload your Audio Kiosk app into the App Store with all accompanying materials (description, keywords and screenshots).


You keep using Audio Kiosk system in full and on your own without our involvement, as well as prepare and upload new audiobooks, change their price, etc.


After the successful launch of the project, we guarantee to provide you a technical support for one year. You can extend this term at extra charge ($900 per year). (In fact, there may be no need for such support, and the purchased license has no time limitations.)



To purchase a license : or +380 44 332-99-77

Main benefits of working with us

A relatively low price of the license and a one-time payment (no mandatory subsequent payments). Our goal is to provide the opportunity for even the small publishers to enter the market of electronic audiobooks for iPhone and iPad without intermediaries. The cost of own development of a reliable system will be several times more than the cost of Audio Kiosk licensing: it will save you both time and lots of money.



High quality finished product: first, our team of qualified professionals has experience developing applications for mobile platforms since 2001 (we created programs for major companies, such as, for example, Hewlett-Packard), and secondly, we ourselves also are a publishing house, developing and improving Audio Kiosk, including, for their own needs.



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