Sky Horse Publishing System (SHPS) is a reliable, easy-to-use and inexpensive complex that transforms print content such as magazines, newspapers and books into interactive mode for iPad users. What makes us different from our competitors is our price affordable even for smaller publishing houses. You pay once and no monthly or annual fees, no pay for download, etc.


SHPS complex includes:

SHPS Builder editing program, designed for an easy and convenient preparation of interactive electronic publications in the SHPSformat from the original PDF files.

This program runs on Windows 7/8.

(Further we are planning to develop SHPS Builder version for Mac OS.)




Assembling of Kiosk application version by our specialists is included in the license price. You can assemble SAA version app by yourself or our specialists can do it for extra charge, according to our price list.


Server part (for Kiosk only): a set of files, which are recorded on your server, and is intended for storing electronic publications distributed via kiosk application.

You can configure your server by yourself, following our detailed guide, or our system administrator can do it for a small fee.




System is available in two versions:

(Stand Alone Application) – for a release of one publication such as a book or a directory in a separate iOS application.

Kiosk for the release of an unlimited number of publications in a single iOS app.

License price for 1 kiosk app: $2900


License price for 1 app: $99

License price for 5 apps: $299


These can be periodicals (magazines) as well as non-periodicals (as books, catalogs, etc).

Your actions after purchasing the license for SHPS:


Download free SHPS Builder and illustrated guide for SHPS in English (in PDF file).


With the help of SHPS Builder,assemble an interactive publication in the SHPS format, using your original PDF file.

With the help of SHPS Builder program, assemble interactive publication in the SHPS format, using your original PDF files.


Assemble iOS application in Xcode system, which is distributed by Apple for free (you will need to have the latest version of Mac OS).

Make the application icon and prepare other materials required for the App Store.

We can do for you all these operations at extra charge indicated in our price list.

Prepare the design of some elements of Kiosk app interface (headers, icons, banners, etc.). In the instruction to the system, you will find a detailed description of all necessary elements.

At your demand, our designers can do this for you at additional fee.

Using properly prepared graphic files for the interface and other materials, we will assemble iOS app of your kiosk. This procedure will take from 5 to 10 business days, given that you provide us with all required materials.

Register your developer account in the App Store (for $100).

If you have any difficulty with account registration, we are ready to guide you or will register an account ourselves for a small fee.



Following our instructions, configure your server for later download of files with publications.

Alternatively, we can do this for you for a small fee.


Upload first publications to the server, which will immediately become available to your kiosk users for purchase (or free download) as soon as your kiosk is available on App Store.

Upload your app to the App Store with all accompanying materials (description, keywords and screenshots).

Alternatively, we can perform this task for you for free.

Keep using SHPS Kiosk system in full and on your own without our involvement: prepare and upload new publications, change their price, etc.

Upload your application into the App Store with all accompanying materials (description, keywords and screenshots).

We will be able to help you with this as well.

You register developer account in the App Store (for $100).

If you have any problem while registering an account, we are ready to help you with instructions or will do it ourselves for a small fee.











Download free SHPS Builder and illustrated guide for SHPS in English (PDF file). Download a source code of the SHPS SSA application.

To purchase a license : or +380 44 332-99-77

Key SHPS Kiosk benefits

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A relatively low price of the license and a one-time payment (no further payments required). Our goal is to provide the opportunity for even the small publishers to enter the of electronic media market without intermediaries.

High quality of finished product: first, our team of qualified professionals has experience developing applications for mobile platforms since 2001 (we created programs for major companies, such as, for example, Hewlett-Packard), and secondly, we ourselves also are a publishing house , developing and improving SHPS, including, for our own needs.

A wide range of additional services at reasonable prices.


Interactive publications assembly system is not only very easy to learn (it will take just an hour or two), but enables you to prepare electronic publications with one click. We intentionally did not overloaded SHPS Builder with excessive features and developed its version for Windows 7/8, installed in most computers.






Interactive features of SHPS

Our system allows you to diversify your publication by using a set of interactive multimedia features (of course, you can use them in limited number or not use them at all, which greatly speeds up preparing the publication and its publishing to the App Store).

Zoom – illustration increase in full screen


Swipe – flipping through a few illustrations within the same container


Strip – replacement of one illustration with another


Hyperlink – hyperlink to a webpage (opening in browser)


App Store Product – hyperlink to the app in the App Store


GPS – opens the ‘Maps’ app and indicates the location on the map


Movie – shows a video within a container (on publication page). Video can be downloading from YouTube or other service


Info Callout – displays an image over pages in PNG format (transparency is applicable). Commonly used for displaying additional/supplemental information on illustration


Navigation – hyperlink to any page of the publication


About Box – opens the page ‘About’, which can be set to any page of the publication


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